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You Got It (ft. Wale)
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"Well, 1man's trash is another man's treasure, 1man's pain is another man's pleasure, one damn thang you can't change is the weather, but even if it rain we get rained on together. It's whatever, you shine I shine, I know you got a 9-5 I'll be your 5-9. 1Time 1Time!" =) I love the fact that he turns a bad situation into something stupendous!

I'm a fan (and you should be too) because... J. Cole is an original rapper with that 90's feel. Most importantly he's intelligent, very influential and humble. The Cole world is ONE to explore in; he's inspiring and deserves to hold a mic. From my world to Cole world back -n- forth I go.. 9/27/11-I'll be walking through "The Sideline Story" I highly recommend that you do the same =)


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