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Song For The Ville
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I thank the Lord for my many blessings

Though I’m stressing, I know its temporary

Staring at my Granny obituary

She almost made it to 80 before they bury her, damn

Cant even tell you Im sure ill make it to 30

Cuz you never know

Sometimes life takes a turn for the worst

Is you holding on the wheel or did you let it go?

Heaven knows Im trynna hold on

So every night Im praying, hope my life is prolonged

The journey seems so long but hold up, don’t take me up!

I got big dreams nigga, yall cant wake me up!

Lifes a b**** but death don’t break me up

I got too much to live for

And seen too many niggas die with way too much potential

Got to get up out this trap

Even if I got to scrap I lay a nigga down flat before I let him hold me back

See I ain’t afraid of obstacles

And what you niggas call impossible was possible

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