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2face/premeditated murder
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This man is single-handedly saving hiphop. #realrap I have a lot of favorite lyrics.. I'm just gonna list a couple.
"Throwin blows, fightin demons, tryna keep from bustin semen in an unfamiliar b****, I know my niggas feel this s***, how cld I f*ck her raw, && I just met the hoe, my d*ck took over it ain't ever felt this wet befoe, I'm stressin n my mind but its wayy too late to stop it, make the s*** sooo bad I had the condom in my pocket" explicit but real.. I sooo appreciate the things he raps about
"Am I changin right before your eyes, becoming someone you don't recognize? As if I was disguised, I'm on that s*** as if I was the flies, I'm touchin skies, no puffin la"
"I sit ya ass down like u was playin the cello" #ill punch line

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