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Should I just walk away from rap like how they did Louisiana. Or can I just get down and dirty like that b**** Diana. Well let me introduce myself I my name is Bonni, no not johnny,sara,or even Connie, it's B-O-N-N-I and some times E,I can rap all day as long as my styles are free, I mean free styles, I'm so silly, flow so illy, I make about a billy, about a billion bucks for the songs that i write, cuz my flow is like a virgin pussy, it goes so tight. Smile

I'm a fan (and you should be too) because... J.Cole is an amazing hiphop artist that is unrated because he is way more talented than most artist out now. To be honest words really can't describe how much J.Cole has put an impact on my life. He didn't just inspire me with wanting to become a main stream artist but to also express subjects and topics that aren't as popular as they should be. Love how he speaks his min and keeps it real like me which that's what is simular about us but my fans would just get it in the the female point of view in my songs and lyrics. J.Cole is an amazing artist that everyone showed at least listen to at one point on their lives. Smile


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