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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because... It all started when I was searching different websites for there best album of 2009 lists. I was on complex and I saw that they had a list of there own. At first I just wanted to see were Kid Cudi and Drake made on the list (which I did) but then the first album (the warm up) on the first page caught my attention. Since Im a girl it was his looks and the album cover. I had seen his name thrown around on twitter and thought it would be the perfetct time to listen. I went through the list and saw that you could download the album so I did. To make a long story short I listened to it all the way through and loved it! I wanted to hear more from him. He has a great flow on beats, his lyrics go hard, and he's cute. Lol! Smile He is one of my new favorite rappers and I don't just like anybody in hip-hop industry. Its time for a change in the game and I feel that its time for some of you to hear something thats different in a good way. I just can't wait to hear an album from him.


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