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"Lights Please"
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J. Cole
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"I'm finding, the more I grow the more ya'll seem to stay the same, don't even know the rules but yet ya'll tryna play the game ain't is shameful, how nigga's blame hoes for giving birth, to a baby it took two to make? Coward nigga you a fake! How you gone look in your sons face and turn your back, then go start another family dog what type of s*** is that. She said "it's okay rub my head and told me to relax. laid a nigga down proper like she was recording tracks, she said I know you wanna change the world but for the night please, just reach over and hit the lights please... Lights please, lights please, turn off the light. For now everything just seem so right and how you make the darkness seem so bright Feeling like thing gone be alright, Light please."

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North Carolina
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United States


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