Dollar And A Dream Tour - Miami

Dollar And A Dream Tour - Miami
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hey j cole, i just wanted to let u know ,i have been a fan for years now , i found u on limewire and i fell in love with u just off ur words, ur mind and thoughts,, not crazy b**** love lmao but fan love, and ur new s*** is banging, haters will hate but i appreciate !!!!! lol when i found out u made is bing i felt proud cuz i found u 1st lol , keep it coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello jcole just wanted to say your a remarkable artist. I listen to all your music and it inspires me to continue to write my poetry and just to grind even harder in general. You seem so humble and I admire that. Here is a poem of mine, something you can read when your out on the road. I wish I could rewind us to the days we felt contentment, When we felt electrifying love and not resentment. Rewind us to the days when we articulated words to announce love and not hate, The days we fought with everything in us to stay strong and not deflate.These days to "Hate or Love" one another we just cant decide, You and I both were left devoured inside. Both in a battlefield with our mind and soul. The mind not allowing us to forget the pain that was inflicted nor the betrayal that transpired, reminding us that mistakes went in repetition. A broken heart not even god can recondition. Our soul whispers" Love didn't always leave you strained, The voices telling us this love, yes can be sustained. With questions, my mind is replete. Like am I lying to myself when I say am complete? Can I deal with my mistakes being calculated? The constant reminder of everything I have eradicated? When will he stop thinking Am unrefined? Or should I not try to seek the answers and leave it all behind? Damn decisions,decisions. I love you but I hate the collisions. I sat up many nights going through the cons and pros and there I was in tears when the truth arose. Hope you enjoyed! Much Love JLC. Yanelly .....

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