J. Cole "Cole World: The Sideline Story" NYC Listening Session

J. Cole, J Cole
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Cole World. Cop that dreamville merch at dreamsuniversity com #bornsinner

J.Cole, I don't think you understand the love I have for you. Honestly, you're by far the best artist in the whole of music industry, you're so amazing, and handsome. And your music and lyrics are indescribable, unlike many other rappers you rap about real s***. Which is why I love you more and why I love listening to you. You take SO long to make new songs, but it's always worth the while no matter what <3 I love you so much Jermaine Lammar Cole. <33333

What up bruh, man you the best artist ever. I'm ya biggest fan, I been listening to you since you first came out and I support you on everything you do. I got all ya stuff, even back when you first start out as "The Therapist" instead of J. Cole. Ya music tell my whole life story, from ya moms doin drugs, dad not bein there, brotha and everythang else. I be doin my thang on the mic as well, hopefully i get good and make it one day to collab wit you. keep doin ya thang and show the world and industy who's gonna save Hip Hop. I represent Da Ville too, but it's Titusville, FL. it's a small city like yours, so one day I hope i can put my city on the map the same way. Stay up man, and I'm proud to be part or the team. One day I Hope i can make it to DreamVille too.

I love his music and the creativity behind it.
I wish that someday I can see how he writes his songs.
And the beats are AMAZING

♥ Perfect ,

Pretty good player with the most important thing-"Fitness"!!
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Pff Nothing wrong with his eyebrows. Hes a man

Men doing there eyebrows are fruity

I dnt think theirs anything wrong with ur eyebrows. Its natural. N I love it!!! One of ur biggest fans- Precious<3

Hi Jermaine Boo lol aka JCole Finally I'm registered and off bed rest.... I am one of your biggest fans !!!!!! I have purchased your album and singles from iTunes I'm going to purchase the actual hard copy of your album today I am out the hospital i have lupus and sarcoidodsis but your music motivates inspires and uplifts me Now that Im out Im ready to get my posters lol Your music brings life to me and I have been through so many of your stories you tell in your music."Dollar And A Dream" all three, "Lost Ones" and "Daddy's Little Girl" as well as "Cheer Up" and many many more songs .. "Cant Get Enough" Describe me to a T lol. Always know TiaDaDiva from DC is your biggest fan and loves you and cant wait to meet you I will always support and buy your music so I can see the handsome man I have fallen for lol even though your not single a diva can dream lol xoxo Your number One Fan

A real man don't touch his eyebrows! Cole I know you aint listening to these chicks out here tryin to say sumthin.

wooooooooooooooow beyond handsome!<3

you are <strong>perfect</strong> in every way possible, marry me!

I loveee you ! your my favoritee artisttt ever!

A new fan of yours, I bought your cd like 2 weeks ago, but never really listend to it, popped it in on Friday of last week while on my way to the country and I haven't taken it out yet! Loving your music Jermaine, it makes me reflect on alot of situations that I experinced!!!-Thank You

There all wrong baby Wink
Your mine<3
I'm listening to "Lost ones" & i'm trying to picture the faces you make when your rapping ;D

Nawww Kidd That Maybe Yur Husband But Thas My Babydaddy Lmao jk <3

My future husband

I dont think you need to change A THING! You are perfect the way you are! <3

I dont think you need to change A THING! You are perfect the way you are! <3

Your just the best that's out there♥
So layed back... sexy, tall... i can go on & on! Wink

We are going to have to do something about those eyebrows! I love you and think you are very handsome, but those eyebrows need to be taken care of, Pronto! Still love you and you intellect though.

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