All of Em!!!

Honestly I haven't heard a lukewarm song from this man ever since the first time I had his voice in my ear. I have a few Favs like:

* Show Me Something
* Hold it Down
* Grown Simba
* I Get Up
* Dreams
* I'm The Man
*Lil Ghetto Nigga
* Lights Please

The list goes on...but what I love the most about his music is the fact that it's not one dimensional. He's not scared to tell you he ain't been fly his whole life...he's been nervous to talk to a girl...He sees what's happening in the world and it saddens him...He ain't perfect and he prays to the most high. Things that other people may say once or twice, but you get a massive dose of who he really is. Shyt, my favorite music is the stuff you can listen to and almost feel like you know him. I think you could hate his guts but relate to his music on any level. And he's from my hometown??? Get outta here. Theres some real talent here but I'm soooooo glad one of us is gonna make it that could compete with up north.

On top of that, as a woman, I don't like to listen to all that "I'm such a thug I'll shoot ya momma, ya turtle, eat ya goldfish and not even god could stop me" blazey blazey bullshyt. He don't throw all that stuff in ya face...I find myself laughin when I listen to it sometimes like "I know thats right" but comin from a woman's perspective, it does your heart some good to know that SOMEBODY got some self esteem, is a Go Getter, is honest, knows God and aint too full of himself to give people hope...

I first heard Dreams whehn it first came out, and I didn't know who it was, and nobody else I knew did either. I tried to find out since I listened to it bout 20x's (I ain't gonna lie, I was like....That Nigga Craaazy but I'm a female so it was still kinda sweet in a strange fuzzy kinda way) and it took a long time to get my hands on his music, but when I did, I got everything he even breathed on. For a long time it was like my air. When I was devastated, happy, feelin sexy, lost, or mad about what I just saw on the news it was like my band-aid. Comin from somebody who doesn't have much to smile about these days, I needed that and haven't stopped bumpin his shyt ever since. I'm just mad at the fact that when I was slappin people to listen to it but didn't want to is comin to me now askin for cd's like they always

Point Being....I'ma listen to his music till I'm in a casket, and after that I'ma be in heaven bobbin my head STILL!!! That is pure God given talent, honesty, humbleness all wrapped up in one rediculous swagg. Gotta Love It!!!

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