Good Son & I Get Up

"Allow me to set the scene first
This little nigga no older than seventeen in a Martin Luther King shirt" (hahaha J. Cole always asking ppl to allow him somethin)

This song hits me. I'm 17 years old and I wanna go to a J. Cole concert before I'm 18 because of this song. I really feel like I'm the kid in this song. So many of J. Cole's songs hit me; this one is definitely one of em.

"I'm a provide for my seed I'm the soil
I teach 'em bout' loyalty
I teach 'em that his skin black like oil that's for royalty"

This line not only shows how much of a poet J. Cole is, but his appreciation for blacks. As a young African American teenager growing up, this song hits me. I feel like J. Cole is just telling me that the pigment of my skin is something that should be valued rather than ridiculed.

There are so many other J. Cole songs I know and love that it would take a long time to cover them all. The only song I hated by him was Work Out, at first (I even went on iTunes and critiqued the s*** out of it), until I realized why he put it out through the song Let Nas Down. I mean, I had watched all his previous videos on his website about Lil Cole and him going to Krispy Creme along with his freestyles, interviews, and that sneak peak of Rise & Shine, listened to every song he had put out, even The Storm, which he made when he was my age.. It hurt a lot that Work Out was mixed in with poetic songs like Breakdown, Lights Please, Lost Ones, and other songs on that album. People would come up to me saying I love J. Cole and I ask them what's their favorite song and they say "Work Out"... Like do you know the true poet that J. Cole is?

Man, J. Cole's just a lyrical genius. I mean he annihilated the competition on his Looking for Trouble feature. I have bought both this man's studio albums twice (digital and hard copy) because I love him, want to support him, and I know that he speaks real s***. I really hope I could meet em. I need to go his concert soon too haha. I graduate this week and in my senior yearbook my quote derives from Crunch Time: "It ain't like life come often. The only thing worse than death is a regret filled coffin". Man you my favorite artist and I have listened to you when life has been good and bad, I mean real bad.. Just please keep puttin out mixtapes and amazing studio albums. Don't change on the fans and keep knowing that I'll be one of those fans who appreciates real music from real poets. Do ya thang boi; I got nothin but love for you

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