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" Women across the hack over here ," whether you have had this experience: dreams in sight , then he too timid ......
One celebrity said , "If a woman knows the hearts of men are thinking, their courage will be ten times larger ." Most women do not hate strange man approached , because their subconscious will think this is because they have enough charm to attract men.
But if you can not express , air and not natural , and that they would not stop to talk to you , so you should think before strike up a good conversation content , and proper use of the following questions .
1 , for more suitable makeup and self-confident woman asked :
---- Can buy you a cup of coffee? Miss , you're beautiful !
---- Miss, you really charming temperament , we can pay a friend?
---- Miss, are you really nice clothes , where to buy it ? I want to tell my cousin .
---- Miss, you're a fashion model child do ? Could you autograph it ...... What ? You're not ? Is not it, I do not believe it. You are so beautiful, or please autograph it .
2 , for more general girls , some of the best humor and wit , as
---- Front sea view was really beautiful , to look at the sea together , okay ?
---- I like your dress style, and I talk about , okay ? I want my sister to learn .
---- Really want you to go thirsty cup to show up yet ? I know one style , the atmosphere is very beautiful restaurant , and go enjoy what ?
But do not be too anxious, pay attention to :
① Do not talk to strangers approached the woman from behind , appeared from behind often surprising, I am afraid, frightened her.
② sight Relative To Lianlu natural smile , nobody likes hypocrisy .
③ not looked down on by the other's body , so too obvious intent .
④ attitude to nature , do not let him feel that you are intentionally accosted her .
⑤ Do not rush to touch each other anywhere in the body , which will make her feel unsafe .
⑥ Do not defeated the other one refused to be discouraged , to be a hundredfold. Invite at least five times , there is a way you.
⑦ not pestering each other, but can not block the other path, followed by dismay. Even if there is no failure of which may not be of failure is the mother of success .
⑧ like to get to know France can enjoy the fun along with her briefly on the line , and if she agreed to meet the next time , is completely successful. At the right time to know the end of this first contact .
⑨ If the response is enthusiastic woman , you do not need to stick to these practices , but should " win ."

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