Every J Cole song is my favorite but one of my favorite lyrics is from Can I live

Like the phone when she heard the news
her sister on the other line talkin to her shoes
her only son what a thing to lose
more black singin more blues
more niggas pourin more brews
poor dude he was yougn like 21
straight up out that city that im from
a real smart nigga but his niggas they was dumb
he aint even get a chance to run
for it landed in his lung
tha breathe nigga
his partna screamin dont you f***in leave nigga
took off his shirt tryin to stop the bleedin nigga dont yu go
but his life fadin slow
did i tell my mom i love her do she know
did i tell my baby sorry from before
wont get to see my son grow
lord i aint ready to go

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    Hey, I'm not sure if the real J.Cole will ever get to read this but I have a favor to ask. My best friend Ruben is obsessed with your music (i...