Crooked Smile Video

I waited and searched daily for the crooked smile video and was excited to finally see the video. I was hoping to see TLC in the video with the video close to what the song was about. Boy was I wrong. When I did I see the video, I was speechless. I read why the video was made the way it was... But now I find myself no longer enjoying the song. I now turn the radio whenever it comes on. Wish I could get a refund from iTunes and will not buy J. Coles album because of this video. While I understand the message he is sending. He has ruined a song I have enjoyed up until I saw the video. He missed the mark on this on. How can he make a song about accepting your flaws and then make a video about a little girl getting shot? All I think about when I hear the song is the last few seconds of the video.

Does anyone else feel the same way? Or is it just me?

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