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To whomever reads this,

I'm an aspiring pharmacist from NC and I have to say I owe my current success to very few people besides myself,with Cole being one. At the moment I am doing a speech for my public speaking course on the psychology of music, emphasizing how it is in control of our feelings at times. Because the energy and environment is different when speaking of attending or performing concerts, listening to new albums or singles, or the process of creating the music, I want to touch base on all of them. I have never reached out to an artist for help, so I'm not sure how this works, but it would be great to hear from the artist who inspired me to be where I am and to dream big. I feel as though I have been at the receiving end of this topic since I heard Cole, so with him/you being a producer, a well-known artist, and a great performer(I'm assuming), I was hoping that I could get a quote or two that would encompass his/your opinion on this topic. If this is at all possible my e-mail address is "", if not just know that even if no one else, you have inspired me to reach for my dreams in a way I never did before.

Hope to hear something,
Cody Hilton

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