Jermaine Cole: If I could just have 3 minutes of your time, that's all I ask!

Dear Jermaine Cole,

It’s the 30th of June, four days past your stop in Toronto for the Dollar & a Dream Tour yet I cannot stop thinking about that day. Cole, I’ve been listening to you religiously for the last 3 years. I first came across your music when I was searching the web trying to find inspirational music. I listened to the song “the plan” and instantly I was hooked, and that to this day is still my favourite song of all time.

I am emailing you just to tell you how the age restrictions on the concert affected me and perhaps other teenagers. Prior to the concert, I spent 5 full days researching the different venues the concert could be held at. I would use Google extensively and then call each and every venue and ask them questions to see if I could get some sort of clue. I put in all this work because I knew if I could narrow it down to the most likely venues, I would be able to see you perform live and make my dream come true. I even made this chart in which I wrote down all the cities and corresponding venues you performed in and also the time you would tweet each venue, to see if I could find some sort of trend in the data.

The night before the concert, I went to bed at 11pm because I was suppose to leave for Toronto at 8am, but I was so excited to see you perform I could not even fall asleep until 4am. When the day actually came, me and a few friends visited different venues and waited for a few hours at the venue Kool Haus until you tweeted. The second you tweeted, it was madness! But somehow me and my friends were able to make it to 99 Sudbury and get a good position in line.

However, everyone around me kept on saying that the show was going to be 19+. Being 17, these words were like daggers and my heart sank to the bottom of my stomach. Everybody around me kept repeating the news but I was a man on a mission and absolutely refused to believe it. I stayed in line for a few hours in the scorching heat until I decided to approach the bouncer and confirmed the shocking news. At this point there was nothing I could do, and I was just torn apart.

I mean, I put in so much time and effort into the planning for this concert and the very moment I was in a suitable position, I was told that I’m not old enough? Flow 93.5 had confirmed that it was all ages, and almost every single concert in the States had been all ages as well. So I had no reason to believe the 19+ rule. All I wanted to do was see you perform and my summer would have been complete. On the long drive home, I was speechless as I was just thinking about the night that could’ve been. For the concert, I made a sign that read “ONE TIME FOR THE PLAN” hoping that you would read it during the show and perform that song. I also brought my basketball for you to sign because your songs have been like medicine to me when I was training over the summers and they helped me recover emotionally from my injuries so much and gave me this new found confidence-you have no idea Jermaine!

It’s been four days and I’m still moping over that day. Needless to say, I went to sleep that Wednesday night with tears in my eyes. But the only thing that cheered me up was the thought that “so what I didn’t get to see him live, he’ll be performing in my dreams forever”. Jermaine, I hope you know what you have and still mean to me. This was just one teen’s sob story, I am sure there are many more like it. I will try my best to raise money so I can see you perform in the fall. Keep doing your thing and I will always be a part of COLEWORLD!


Avaninder Gill, true J.Cole fan

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