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My Top 3 Favorite Musicians & Why ?
1. J. Cole because the first song i heard from him was Simba and he just had so much heart, passion and love in his voice i could tell he was someone i could respect and listen to and now i follow everything he does down to the interviews, freestyles and snippets.

2. Chris Brown because ever since i was a little girl playing with Bratz dolls in 2005, i've loved Chris Brown because he just has so much energy and so much love for his music and he really puts his all into his music and making sure he does it to the best of his ability everytime. Plus he has a song for every occasion or mood you may have !

3. Future because everybody needs a good hype rapper who's slightly lyrical ! (:

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Born Sinner (Standard Edition)
Born Sinner (Standard Edition) 06/18/2013

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