This goes out to J. Cole himself!

The day is May 8th, 2010, and I just saw you at Buff States SpringFest, and you killed it! My name is Jordan, and I was one of the only people in the crowd that knew EVERY SINGLE WORD! When you performed Who Dat! I knew when to put my hands up! And I knew the third verse you didn't perform. I have The Come Up, The Warm Up, American Dreamin', The Warm Up To The Warm Up, and your songs like We On, The Ice Cream Freestyle, Shook Ones Freestyle, On Top Of The World, Who's World Is This, Playground, Unabomber, Your XXL Freestyle, Back To The Topic, I Got It, The Funkmaster Flex freestyle, and your features with Miguel, Reflection Eternal, Jay Electronica, and Mos Def, B.O.B, Young Chris, both of your features with Wale, your feature with Jay-Z. I even got the throwbacks: The Storm, The Elderly, and Bref Control, And both of your features with Omen (On and On and Break Out). Needless to say, I'm your biggest fan. You are my favorite rapper! I'm only disappointed that I couldn't get an autograph! The girl that you brought up to sing the hook of Dreams, Timmya, got my Springfest tickets for me. I asked her to get me one, but it was too late, and I wasn't close enough to get a magazine! Regardless, I wish you the best of luck, and I am eagerly awaiting your debut album, it'll be a classic. If you see this, drop me a signed magazine. My address is 33 Blaine Ave, Buffalo, NY 14208. I know I'm going mad hard right now, and I shouldn't put my address up, but I don't care, it's worth it! Peace!!!!!

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