Premeditated Murder

I was a fan of Jermaine before I heard this joint but after I heard Premeditated Murder, my love for his music went to another level. It moved my soul. In the warm up and the come up he never talked about things he did not have, such a money, girls etc. Now days the upcoming artists rap about expensive cars and jewelry and things they cant afford only to be heard or seem cool. Its all about the audience you want to attract. J.cole makes music that people without riches & fame can relate to. Premeditated Murder was made after he'd made it, so the purpose of the song was to Tell his fans exactly that, that he had made it! I respect him a lot in this song because he kept it real and explained what he had to go through to get to where he is now. I have an extreme ear for music. I love a song that has meaning, that tells a story. Jermaine Cole is one of the realist artists, along with Big K.r.i.t and Kendrick Lamar.

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Born Sinner (Standard Edition)
Born Sinner (Standard Edition) 06/18/2013

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