J Cole whats up bruh!! COLE WORLD!!! You should come to cincinnati bruh we got a ton of places you could play at that you would sell out easy us bank arena riverbend you could even played with jigga man played at in 09 the NKU basketball arena. s*** i was on my way up to michigan to see you in kalamazoo and my cuz f***ing car broke down i was so pissed!!! I missed HOV concert in 09 cause i was in bootcamp for the MARINES and now this year I missed my new favorite and will most likely be one of my favorites of all time this year. I already put you on my top ten of all time and if you think about that that is a crazy list HOV BIG em pac ti ludacris dmx beastie boys run dmc nwa public enemy krs one rakim. I honestly think that you brought Hip Hop back we had about a 5 year span were rap looked like it was going to fade away the you wale yelawolf big sean came out and you 4 brought storytelling back to rap. Rapping about money and don perignon aint going to cut like some scissors on my lawn s***!! bruh you have mass bars and Cincinnati would be a good place to get a fan base nati is on the rise and you get the nati you get not only the nati but pretty much all of Kentucky and some of indiana. Love to see you out here soon bruh> COLE WORLD!!!! you aint a J Cole fan Kill yourself!!!!

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Born Sinner (Standard Edition)
Born Sinner (Standard Edition) 06/18/2013

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