Dollar And A Dream III

"Life at the bottom nobody but God got him. They say he wouldn't leave me yet I'm fallin like it's Autumn. Tell me, what do you do just when you on your last dollar and the stress of this mess you in can make yo ass holla? Do you fold, grow bitter and grow cold? No longer fightin now the only thing you grow is old. Or do you flip that f***in dollar to a dream? Whether a scholar or a fiend watch a pawn become a king"

Cole I hope you read this one day. Know this s*** is so much more than music to me and thousands of people all over the world. You're out here changin lives - providing inspiration and motivation through music in a way that relates to real people and real s*** going on in their lives. You've changed mine - influenced decisions I've made in the past, motivating me to better myself right now, and inspired me to be the best MAN I can be for myself and everyone around me in the future. Your music is what I fall back on when s*** gets wild. YOU are the voice in my head and I can't thank you enough for this s***. Cole World.

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Born Sinner (Standard Edition)
Born Sinner (Standard Edition) 06/18/2013

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