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What up J.cole my name is Lamont Holton Im 20 years old. What I like to do is play basketball , Listen to music and dance to music , look at Tv get on the computer like to eat and go out to have fun. I have been a fan since you came out With you song Light Please that was the first time I heard you on tv and exact time I saw you on tv was when you was on Notorize 2009 when you was talking about Jay-z up there. You really inspire me to keep going at my dreams and it will happen. Because you rep NC and that the same place I from to. Your album Cole World The Sideline Story is fire from start to finish. I just got the album Yesterday in heard it today. I really like the album because it talk about life and everything that go on in it. Very Movational real hip hop music you bringing that Nas 2pac and Notorious B.I.G and Jay-z music back. Congratlations on being with Roc Nation with Jay-z. Saw you on 106 and park Tuesday September 27, 2011 on your album release day you kill it up there with you performance. Can you come down here to Greenville North Carolina to the Greenville Convention Center if you can and keep up all the good work

Sincerely Lamont

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