Special guests on tour

I just heard the special guests on the tour and I found them really disappointing. I'm not sure who j cole's touring with in the states but I heard about canada and uk and they are wack. Just disappointed I'm from cali and I hope when I go to see his show he's not going to have some wack rapper open up for him. I'm not saying they dont have talent at all I'm just saying they dont fit with j cole or are on the same vibe or level as j cole is. they fit more in touring with some other "type of rappers" not Cole. i know I'm not alone on this opinion. Specially that canadian kid he fits more doing shows with some other kid who's on his status or something. and that UK guy did you guys see that video he did with wiz khalifa if you didnt go see it and you'll know what i mean. I just expected j cole to tour with someone at least almost up to his level hah cause of cors no new rapper is up to his level hah. so Jcole if you can and want to save your shows change up your guests if not for canada and uk i hope at least for the states

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