J Cole is my favorite rapper, who relates to those growing up rough and experiencing the hard times in highschool and college, plus the challenges of life. Also by mixing in how faithful he is to God in his ryhmes, and the God im talking bout is Jesus. J Cole definately got next, but I would hate to see him fall into the twists of fame, especially since he is affiliated with Jay-Z. If anyone knows what im talking bout and understand, say something to keep J Cole reminded not to take "THE OATH". I remember in Dead Presidents part 2, he said that hes gonna do it like no other nigga did it, I like that, hold your word J Cole, dont go down the "RABBIT HOLE". Stay righteous, stay with Jesus, reveal the truth, make us proud.

Does anybody feel me?

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Born Sinner (Standard Edition)
Born Sinner (Standard Edition) 06/18/2013

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