Watch: Born Sinner LISNR Session in Toronto

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Watch: Born Sinner LISNR Session in Toronto
Didn't get to attend Cole's, Born Sinner, multi-city listening experience last week? Here's a glimpse of what it was like in Toronto.

Born Sinner. June 18th.

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Let nas down inspired me to write this.

I let Pac down
Long live the idols may they never be your mom was my God ,Pac was my jesus but i wrote my own bible..wat you bout to read is a story of glory and sin, as God is my witness let the story begin.

I use to memorize pac lyrics and sing em all day in my middle school hallway /At the time niggaz and b****es were stuck on hov nelly and kelly /but i had aspirations to be like that nigga wif Thug Life on his belly/,aint nothing no one could tell me, /he made a change in the world and i wanted to do the same,/ make all remember my name, /in spirit i felt like i had his permission to continue his unfinished mission,,/ i was true to you and me the ghetto i had plans to uplift em,/ i feared crucifixion along the way but learned to 4give em/.in school and on social networks i.talked about it, wrote about it, even thought about it,/ but i was too coward to make any worth up out it., i fronted like i was for the unity and the betterment of the black community,/ in reality i only gave a f*** about me and my family,/ i feel like Pac chose me i was the one,/ got nominated but didnt run,/ was suppose to be the savior of the ghetto, /but im out somewhere in.the suburbs living like a young othello, /wont even stop by the hood to say hello, /im wondering if i let pac down, cant believe i let Pac down.

Pac you onced called Quincy Jones a fraud for "sticking.his.dick in white woman"..lets face it..deep in my mind i wondered if you were a racist/ white people bought most of your albums that got you your necklaces and bracelets, / so were you really all for black power or were you just a mask hypocrite that needed a facelift/ i belived in your words so i never f***ed with whites for the sake of your name and honor,/ im cuffn a white girl now im i wrong? Because you was cuffn maddona/ see i grew up and started seeing past your words, / im ashamed because i never felt the need to keep it real in the streets or to be paranoid in my sheets holding triggaz as i sleep/ i was thinking.more like my family gotta eat/ so imma head to school and stand on my feet and build a legacy that my family can keep/ see pac the truth is keeping it real in the hood and death or jail go hand to hand/learning to survive out your comfort zone is what turn boys to men/ i dream of a day where we can sit and talk man to man/ you were always with a crew i heard you never had a fight man to werent really.about that was all a show for the fans/ here i am/ on this page commiting a sin, exposing my.role model trynna bring him to an end/ i feel like Pac chose me i was the one/ got nominated but didnt run/ i was suppose to be the savior of the ghetto/ somewhere in the burbs living like a young othello/ wont even stop by the hood tto say hello....I let pac down,/..maybe one day we'll sit and talk and he'll underatand none of this was relly planned,/ im on the road to be a man and on the way i let pac down.

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Born Sinner (Standard Edition)
Born Sinner (Standard Edition) 06/18/2013

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