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J Cole premieres the powerful visuals for “Lost Ones”, one of his favorite songs on his debut album, “Cole World: The Sideline Story”. According to J. Cole, “Lost Ones” is “a song with dealing with young pregnancy, when you're around that age of either late teens or early 20s or whatever age you are, it explores all of that from both sides…” Cole also goes on to say that it is “one of my favorites, and I've been holding on to that song for like four years, just waiting for this album to come out."

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This song reminds me of one of the strongest women I know. This proud women is raising her baby Jay Tim all by herself because ex decided he couldn't handle the pressure. She wanted an abortion way back when but realized that, daddy or not, this baby was going to see the light of day, and she was going to provide for him however she could. It's sad that she won't let me help her, I love her and just wish her and her son the best. I hope the dad does someday get to see what a wonderful son she raised. and I hope someday she realizes how much I want to be in there lives. I will miss you Ray and Jay

One of my two favorite tracks off the album!! This song hit home wit me and I bet a whole lotta folks. Keep doin ya thing! Been listening to you since the Warm Up!! My son has been too and he just turned 15 and he from the Ville!

Where do I start. I started listening to you since The Come Up. It was extremely refreshing to finally here someone with true talent. Hip-hop has always been a part of my life. It has it's ups and downs. Before you hit the scene, I was sick of it!!! These no talent t-pain sounding.... Well you get my point. I put you up there with the greats. (Nas, Jay, Big, Pac) In time, people will see it the same way too!!! Follow your heart and you'll make that fast!!!

J. Cole talks about things that are going on in the world, that's what makes him amazing, love Lost Ones, and the video, the video makes the song come alive!!! Smile

J. Cole is amazingly talented and has something to say! He is very underated. Btw Love This Video!!!!

Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee it< Everytime i hear this song i feel it as if its happened to me before <3

feelin the video

great video!

love the video =)

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