New Music: J. Cole "Crooked Smile" ft TLC

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New Music: J. Cole "Crooked Smile" ft TLC
J. Cole gets the help of TLC for his new track "Crooked Smile." Listen to it below:

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J. Cole gets the help of TLC for his new track "Crooked Smile." Listen to it below. This article is good for me. It is good. I like this post very much, You have defined it very simply for so I understand what you say, In this post your writing level is also excellent to us. This is great issue you have done on this topic really very well. <a href="" rel=dofollow></a>

I am kind of late to J. Cole, but after listening to Crooked Smile I am a fan. We buried my good friend M & M a little over a year ago and he is certainly known for his crooked smile. But as I continued to listen, J. Cole sends a powerful message that I believe should be heard by many. Shot out to TLC. J. Cole, if you never say anything else, you have certainly made a statement.

This1 right here is "EPIC" my God

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I've never related to no song more than this. All of Cole's songs touch me and he is my favourite rapper. But this song right here....powerful. A day like this where I am feeling the way i am. Sheeeet I almost dropped a tear. It's that real. Love this guy

Reminded me of tupac I needed that.

This song is what i really needed right now . it made my week . i herd a preview and couldent wait to hear it . i allmost cried. you my insperation cole <3 i love you

Cole is the nicest dude out!!! 6/18/13 I cant wait

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