J Cole Shares Personal Tour Photos with RollingStone.com

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"USA to UK tour to Dubai/Abu Dhabi back to London. No days off, sleep whenever I can...This was right after the show, before the after party."

J Cole has shared exclusive, personal behind the scenes tour photos with RollingStone.com. Check out the 1st photo diary HERE

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OMG He's so cute <3

i will meet him one day <3<3<3

awwwwwwwwwww....he's gorgeous

awwwww my babeee sleepinggg ^____^

Thank you Cole for being such a great preformor!a great artist!great rapper!great therapist!and a down person!
(i was front row at the Kalamazoo MI show**i was in the "cole under pressure what that make diamonds" tshirt**,yeah u came back out witout shoes!jus shows how chill u are with ur fans!) much <3. u need a break tho! GoodBless you, you deserve it, you hav touched many hearts.lord knows u have touched mine(fan since 09),
thank you very much, u helped me keep my balance.

Aaww! This is adorable! Bless his lil heart <3 We appreciate you & those sleepness nights, Love! <3
- @kingColesQueen
Your biggest NC fan

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