J. Cole Reveals “Cole World: The Sideline Story” Tracklisting

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As part of his “Any Given Sunday” series, J. Cole surprised fans by unveiling the tracklisting for his highly-anticipated debut album, Cole World: The Sideline Story. Check out the full tracklisting below:

Cole World: The Sideline Story Tracklisting:

1. Intro
2. Dolla and a Dream III
3. Can’t Get Enough
4. Lights Please
5. Interlude
6. Sideline Story
7. Mr. Nice Watch (Feat. Jay-Z)
8. Cole World
9. In the Morning (Feat. Drake)
10. Lost Ones
11. Nobody’s Perfect (Feat. Missy Elliott)
12. Never Told (prod. by No I.D.)
13. Rise and Shine
14. God’s Gift
15. Breakdown
16. Cheer Up

17. Nothing Lasts Forever
18. Work Out
19. Daddy’s Little Girl

Cole World: The Sideline Story available September 27th!

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As part of his “Any Given Sunday” series, J. Cole surprised fans by unveiling the tracklisting for his highly-anticipated debut album, Cole World: The Sideline Story. Check out the full tracklisting below:

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KEEP DOIN WAT U DOIN MA NIGGA.....YOU KILLEN DEM!!! hehe This nigga blew up...bout time Smile

man u need to put return of simba on the album at least as a bonus.........u cant make the album wit out a one of the simba tracks.....9/27 COLE WORLD!!!!!

You gonna be sellin Dreamville shirts or hoodies at your shows?

Ohh yeah! And I want a Dreamville shirt! <3

J.COLE! Come to OKLAHOMA!!!! Andd I ALWAYS write you on twitter and you NEVER respond back. : / I love you! YOUR THE BEST!

I f***ing love u! 27 days more! Cole World

We're getting so close to September 27, 2011.. #Exciting OLD tracks and NEW>>I'm HAPPY>>I just wanna BUY my CD already!!! =)

YO big fan most of the songs are old put it OK Cant wait to buy this album. I think you should put the song BLOW UP that s*** goes HARD!!!!!!!

PLEEAASSEEE put killers, RETURN OF SIMBA, IT WONT BE LONG, and im on it. at least put 2 of them cuz their all great. thanks for the updates keep them comin

Y he putting some old tracks in this album ......still gonna be a classic i bet....

9.27.11 #ColeWorld

My son wanted me to let you know he can't wait to see you in San Fran also..haha. He 14 yr. old and been listenin to you since The Warm Up! Cole World!! It's gonna be a classic my dude!

Cole World!!!!! 9.27.11 the game changes!

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