J. Cole Performs @ The Loft in Atlanta

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j cole crashes everything he do can't wait for that album

Man, can't wait for your album!!

Sigh, You've GOT to LOVE MY CITY!

Met J. Cole...he's a cool dude. I printed out a picture of his mixtape "The Warm Up" even though they had posters for him to sign. He was like "Oh you brought a print out?!" and I said "Yeah, I'm a big fan". He asked if I was coming to the show later on that night and I explained that I'd like to but they're only accepting 18 and up and I'm a couple months shy. He said "They're checking IDs like that?", and I said "Yeah". Cole was nice enough to put me on the V.I.P. list. I gave one of his friends my name and watched him put it on a list located on his Blackberry. Made sure he spelled it right. I came to the show a little after the doors opened. I showed them my ID and told them J. Cole put me on the list. Then the lady at the ticket booth said I wasn't on the list.... Sad


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