Don't Miss the Video Premiere of Beyonce "Party" ft J Cole TONIGHT!

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J. Cole hops on the official remix for Beyonce's track, "Party", produced by Kanye West. Be sure to catch the official video premiere on BET's "106 & Park" tonight at 6pm ET.

Listen to the "Party" remix below:

Beyonce Ft J.Cole-Party (Remix) by J. Cole

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I was waiting so long to see this video i know any true J Cole fan can never say they love just one song but if there a couple songs that i can say stay in my heart above all the others (LOST ONES )is it, this song is sooo deep after listening to this song you have to see how amazing of an artist J Cole is no one has done this in a long time make you really sit and want to listen to every lyric of every song and even if the words don't hit you right away just wait you'll find your self thinking about the song and really wanting to listen to every word he says because there's something special in every song there's something for everyone if you like that hard hip hop ish its there are those punch lines that just make you really wish you could have thought of that are just the words that make an woman see that she's worthy of a lot more then she may think yeah that's why i love his music because it honest and refreshing #teamjcole all day # 1

or just watch it now! lol

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