Complex Mag Names Born Sinner one of the Best Rap Album Covers

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Complex Mag Names Born Sinner one of the Best Rap Album Covers
Complex Mag names J. Cole's Born Sinner one of the Best Rap album covers of the past 5 years, saying "It's beautiful and somewhat terrifying." Read more here.

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I agree. I definitely am a passive person when it comes to music endorsing. I'll youtube a song when it comes to mind and create a play list in the moment. I don't buy cd's because a lot artist who do write appealing songs, always have that one song that lets you know their above you and dat your paying dur bills so like my nigga Cole said, "b**** can't get a dolla, RENZO on twitter, b**** can't get a follow." I bought to two copies. I faithfully play dis right here everyday and it inspires me more than any cd I've listen to straight through. If passion is everything and if believing in your self is truly the key to unlock the door to the house I been tryna get up in well ill see you on the couch one day Cole believe dat.

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Born Sinner (Standard Edition)
Born Sinner (Standard Edition) 06/18/2013

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