Billboard: J. Cole, Melanie Fiona Discuss Lil B and YouTube at SXSW Panel

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J. Cole, Melanie Fiona and Lady Gaga's manager Troy Carter gave advice to aspiring artists on the 'Baby I'm A Star! How to Get Major Exposure in a Multi-Platform Media Environment' panel at South by Southwest in Austin, TX on Thursday (Mar. 17).
J. Cole recalled how he has pressed 1,000 copies of his debut mixtape "The Come Up" in 2007 and sold it for $1, but says it was the last time he will ever physically sell his mixtapes. "That weekend we only got out 700 copies and even that was a task," said the rapper. "Fast forward to my next mixtape and I had it figured out -- I cut straight to the case and went via the internet."
He also spoke about rising rapper Lil B, telling the audience, "Let's say you think he can't rap -- you see what I did there? If that's true, there's something genius about what's being done where he has all this attention." He added, "Talent doesn't matter if you have vision and marketing and buzz."
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