"Any Given Sunday" #2

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Super tired from an incredible video shoot.
For the record, these are not mixtapes, not EP’s either. I wake up on Sunday’s and I decide what songs I want to let out or rerelease for yall. You’ve been so patient for 2 YEARS! I think you deserve some insight and unreleased music.

1. Bring Em’ In- Made this in ATL during the “single hunt” phase. Even though it wasn’t a single and won’t make the album, I love this shit!

2. Roll Call- Just some real shit. Venting
3. Be Freestyle- “Put on for my city like my favorite jacket… “man, you gon’ where that every got damn night??”.. “know what I paid for this shit?? bitch, you got damn right!!”



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"Any Given Sunday" #2 by J. Cole

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Cole im waiting for any given sunday #3......................... this shyt just keep getting better and better. that line in role call about the dude from hampton when he beat cancer was crazy. Thats just another prove how important you are to everyone. Every one can relate to the music you make. funny how back then when we i asked "yo you heard of j cole" dudes were like who dat? sounds like a soccer player. now when i ask "yo you heard of j cole" people be like" yeah the dude who brong hiphop back to life". can wait to the album. trust me alot of people going to buy your album . im going to ask you a big favor from NYC please dont change. keep making the music you make.

*Aujhane' <3

crazzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! anygivensunday

Cole hearted <3 this music is food for the soul!

Fire, as usual. The freestyle is ridiculous though. Keep it up Young Simba. Can't wait for the album.

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