ANNOUNCED: What Dreams May Come Fall Tour

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ANNOUNCED: What Dreams May Come Fall Tour
J. Cole is going on tour this fall! Presale tickets are available for the What Dreams May Come tour Wedensday, July 31 and tickets go on sale to the general public on Friday, August 2nd. You can get access to the exclusive presale by joining his fan club or buying the Born Sinner bundle.

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omg send me the password already!!!

Where is the password

Why haven't we received the email yet?!?!

Just want the code Sad

The Austin, TX tour date is not on ticketmaster so how am i supposed to get presale to that??????


sorry should have been specific.. Fan club members can purchase tickets today. Everyone else can get them on August 2nd.

anything yet folks??

7 minutes til Presale for me and still waiting for password...anyone else receive it yet?

The only way you can get a ticket today if if you have the presale pasword... which we are all waiting on

I think they start going on sale at 10:00 am today. I read it on ticket master, I believe. I'm on the east coast it is 9:45 am right now

they didnt send out the pw or code yet.. bummer

How can I join the Fan Club? Anyone. please?!?!?!?!

I still havent gotten my email for the presale password.... does anyone know when we will get it?? Its 9:37 my time

where can I purchase my tickets?!!

I can't wait for this concert to hit the D. Quality music and no outrageous ticket prices = win win.

I need my tickets..cant wait!!!!!!!!!


Where's the pre sale code!!! I have go no email?!?

Ok. So the presale starts today. Where's the password? I need my ticketssss!

Missed the H.O.B one!!! defiantly making this one!!Smile

Is he coming to L.A? & what's the password for tixs?

Thank God, hes finally coming to jacksonville. Whats the password

Cole come to Memphis, or at least Nashville. Seeing you live is on my bucket list!

Haven't gotten my presale password yet either. Don't think they will send them out till tomorrow Sad

Can't wait I'm going!!!!Right downt he street too what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Smile

do you all email the fans the morning of the password for the presale tickets

What is the Presale password period?

I am a fan club member! how do I get a password for the meet and greet? Has any fan member received an email password yet?

me either my heart dropped when i found out hes coming to miami and orlando !!!!

Cannot wait!!!! Laughing out loud

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