ANNOUNCED: What Dreams May Come Fall Tour

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ANNOUNCED: What Dreams May Come Fall Tour
J. Cole is going on tour this fall! Presale tickets are available for the What Dreams May Come tour Wedensday, July 31 and tickets go on sale to the general public on Friday, August 2nd. You can get access to the exclusive presale by joining his fan club or buying the Born Sinner bundle.

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does anyone know how i can get the tickets for vegas and what is the password?!?!?!?!?!

Where are the Austin tickets being sold? I'm so confused! Help?!?!?

Just bought my Meet & Greet tickets for Chicago and its my birthday weekend!!!

Just bought my Meet & Greet tickets for Chicago and its my birthday weekend!!!

Just bought my meet & greet tickets for Chicago!!!

where are the Austin tickets being sold?!?!?!?!

What will be the link for the Toronto show please.

Anyone know how to access pre-sale for SEATTLE?

wheeeeerrrreeeee can you get tickets for the Austin show..not on ticketmaster...s***s getting old trying to find them

Password sinner worked for the Houston show!! Got my tickets !! Good seats too!!!! Can't wait!!!!

What's the link to the Houston show please

Austin show is at scoremore and thanks for the info i got my tickets!!!!

where are tickets for charlotte selling, there no where to be found except ticketreturn and u have to buy 2


PASSWORD for Houston Show???

Did anyone find Tampa tickets?'

HELP!!! how do i get tix for the Kansas City show?!!

Thanks man!

Yo for Austin ticket I found it ticket in sale at 10am
<a href="" title=""></a>

anybody gotten tix to the Chicago one yet? or are we gon have to wait till august 2nd for that one

How do you know it's that one?

anyone get the toronto link yet? nothing on yet

i think AUSTIN will sell through this site:
<a href="" title=""></a>

That Sucks! I also looked up the venue place to see if there tickets were posted yet nothing....

I have no idea probably was just added late and they havent got the whole thing set up yet

That sucks! The one city I need haha

Do u know why tho?

No the Austin concert is not on there yet, think we are going to have to wait until August 2

I'm also looking for Austin ticket haven't seen anything yet!

I GOT MY TICKETS SEPT 14 IN JAX!!! Thank to whoever figured it out!! And yes you have to buy the meet and greet to sit in the pit in jax...i found some that were behind the pit in the front for $61

The Austin tickets aren't on there yet right?


because sinner worked and

Yea i think you have to buy the meet and greet to sit there - Jax

how u know its SINNER?

What website do we go to buy them at?

do you have to buy meet and greet to be in the pit at jax?



Where is the Toronto Date link for purchase the tickets?? its not on ticketmaster


It says become a fan club member OR buy the bundle... If we HAVE to buy the bundle its a rip off!! especially if we already have his album !!

Code. !!

the password is SINNER

You're welcome

TO BECOME A FAN CLUB MEMBER YOU HAVE TO REGISTER ON THIS SITE! ticket master and other sites are just places to purchase tickets which don't go on sale until August 2nd. We are all waiting on our codes for presale tickets... I CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE Sad

OMG I need the password to get my tickets!! HELPPPPP

Is it true u gotta buy the bundle to get first access to ore sale tickets?

still waiting! Sad

It's 9:02 in Texas and I believe they go on sale at 10 am cdt! 1 hr left and no code!!!! right ? whats the password !!!!!!!!

no pw yet

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    HERE IT IS: <a href="

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