From your favorite song, what lyric inspires you?

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Sidline Story01 year 3 days ago
by Maria Marquez
Sparks will Fly01 year 2 days ago
by extrremelyblessed
Sparks Will Fly (2 verses)051 weeks 4 days ago
by tweetmc
Strictly For TRUE "J. Cole" FANS!!!!!!!!!! 22 years 43 weeks ago
by IngPrince
2 years 40 weeks ago
by SAMMO909 CA
Thanks for your Music- Keep it up, Please dont stop.01 year 20 weeks ago
by iesha
The Autograph01 year 51 weeks ago
by VenColeworld242
The Autograph :(33 years 24 weeks ago
by cole_COLDwords
3 years 14 weeks ago
by JayColeFanatic
The Badness02 years 49 weeks ago
by Prince_J
The Badness & Cheer Up01 year 31 weeks ago
by thee_therapist_
The Badness and Heartache14 years 22 weeks ago
by nice88
4 years 20 weeks ago
by Lost Lyric
The badness feat Omen, it won't be long (second verse) and just like a star (second verse)22 years 44 weeks ago
by Sureya.ali
2 years 44 weeks ago
by MsNewNew4u
the best inspirational song ever farewell02 years 42 weeks ago
by wornanu
Therapist03 years 46 weeks ago
by Noelyungboy
there is no favorite song04 years 22 weeks ago
by aosman877
This is how much I love his music.02 years 45 weeks ago
by Anaalala
Too Deep For The Intro02 years 43 weeks ago
by COLEworldHIGH
Too Deep For The Intro12 years 48 weeks ago
by itzd3ffdc
2 years 45 weeks ago
by freshkidyee
Too Deep for this Intro and The Autograph02 years 39 weeks ago
by kwaller616
Too many to count!12 years 37 weeks ago
by Crystal_Jordan
2 years 36 weeks ago
by Trevontt23
Truly Yours11 year 17 weeks ago
by MustafaBeirut
1 year 16 weeks ago
by Jay Right
Trying to make my dream come true for prom of senior year (J.cole)02 years 2 weeks ago
by diamond_loves_u
U GOT IT13 years 16 weeks ago
by Shezzy
2 years 49 weeks ago
by missladyroro
unabomber13 years 31 weeks ago
by Markus
2 years 49 weeks ago
by crimsonskies9188
Villematic01 year 8 weeks ago
by liltwon12192
Villematic02 years 45 weeks ago
by freshkidyee
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