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ALL Day EVERY Day The Only Sounds Around My Apartment Is J.Cole & EVERY Song He's Been On...But "Knock Knock" Just Makes Me Melt For Some Reason & Tingles Me Everywhere Around My Body...YES EVERYWHERE LOL (Ima Talk Until You Tell Me Shut Up & We Can Walk The Beach Until The Sun Up..I Ain't Gon Lie I'm Tryna Get Some Cut Up) & When "Ladies" Comes On ("If You Sleep I'll Get You Up..Ride Over & Pick Up..If Its Clean I'll Lick You Up..With Yo Fat A** Booty & Yo Curly A** Weave") Another Vibrant Feeling Shoots Through Me...Like A Little Girl I Do My Make-Up In The Mirror & Imagine If He Made A Video To Those Songs...I Was In It With Him!! #FantasyMuch But It Inspires Me To Do Better Cause I Know One Day In My Heart...I'm Going To Meet Him & That's On Everything! <3

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2年 19週

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