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I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...I am a fan simply cuz i can relate to most of the things J. Cole raps about.. Hes real.. the hip/hop rap game has't had a "real" artist in years since Kanye West.. I am a 20yr old female n he doesnt degrade on females.. n that i LOVE!! im no fast ass one night stand.. like some rappers brag about... i work hard to b where im at in life just like J. Cole does n his deal wasn't handed to him.. i love how J. Cole represents education.. cuz it is very important n hes proud of it! Smile Im also a fan b cuz hes himself n doesnt try to b someone hes not even if hes in a spot light w some money in his pocket.. cuz money doesnt make u who u r.. so i hope J. Cole never changes his mind set hes in now on becoming a celebirty.. I will Always b a supportive fan!! I LOVE ME SOME J. COLE!! Smile


4年 5日

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