Can I Live

Promise to my momma I'm a make it to the top
So I'm a keep climbing to my heartbeat drop
Like the phone when she heard the news
Her sister on the other line talking to her shoes
The only son, what a thing to lose
More blacks singing more blues
More niggas pouring more brews
Poor dude he was young like 21, strait up out that city that I'm from
A real smart Nigga, but his niggas they was dumb
He ain't even get a chance to run
Before it landed in his lung
God, breath nigga.
His partner screaming Don't you *** leave nigga!
Took off his shirt trynna stop the bleeding nigga, Don't you go!
But his life fading slow
Did I tell my mom I love her, do she know?
Did I tell my baby sorry from befo
Won't get to see my son grow
Lord I ain't ready to go

This Is Quite Long But Its Amazing. He Paints Such A Detailed Picture In My Mind, He Leaves You Thinking Or Questioning Your State Of Mind. J.Cole Says It How It Is Not How It Wants To Be Heard. I Hope He Carries On Doing Great Music Because He Is Special. I Have The Come Up And The Warm Up, Im Just Waiting For The Album Its Going Historic That Hip-Hop Of Such A High Level Could Be Restored.

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  • 11/24/2014

    December 9th cant get here any sooner. You are the best rapper of my generation, dont go commercial on me. Stay strong and remain you!