Hometown Woes...

I just happen to be born n raised in the 910 *allday* and though it's home, there's always things u hate about your own city, y'know? So what you love n hate about your city?

* This place is like quicksand. Unless you're visiting, you may NEVER leave
* Crackhead Gloria at the suberban swear we best friends
* Other places have nice buildings and bridges that come to mind....Golden Gate Bridge for instance. WHY THE HELL does The Ville got a dam slave house???? What type of shyt is that?!
* Haters are everywhere but one from the ville is a whole nother breed of hate. It aint even surprising for somebody to get u for ur Lac or Caprice wit candy paint and 20's but the cops will let him ride up n down Skibo like u didn't get shot at the club 2 weeks ago....Hell they'll get you for ur Nissan if you got on some Jayz *omg*

I cud go on forever but this place doesn't look like the shyt that happens really takes place....and sadly I'm stuck here!!! But I love it cuz it's mine =)

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