hmmm top 3 right now

J Cole

I can play take care by drake all da way through so Drake plus I been wtched dat nigga since degrassi and I appluad da transition f*** what a hater say

J Cole has touched my musical spirit with his words since I first sat down and listen to him. I will never forget the first time I saw who dat and im like man nigga yea who df is you yo, at the time music wasn't nothing to me and I didn't listen to the lyrics in as depth as I could have but all in all, J. Cole has taught me how to listen to the lyrics of a song; Plus he makes his s*** from scratch come on man des High Fructose ass niggas gots to go

this last choice comes down two two different girls puttin me on at the same time. I remember bumping Good Kid Maad City in da car one day and feeling like there was a journey I took with that CD. If an artist can take you on a journey, Like J. Cole does and more with Born Sinner, that's powerful and rare.

BUTTTT!!! Wale mannnn. I'm a poet and I always believed in poetry being a part of the game and it being part of the dopest part of the game. Plus Wale has music that isn't int he media that is better than the music that's in media. Cant force the radio to enhance they senses they aint ready for it and they just dont get it.

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