Rise Above & Never Told

Fave song from Truly Yours, Rise Above. That is me, in a nutshell, accept I have a son instead of a daughter. I dealt with the SAME problems, a cheating boyfriend, people trying to let me know he wasn't worth my time, but I believed otherwise. I'm also going through school full-time, a single-parent, work part-time and sometimes I wonder, is the struggle even worth it to finish? J. Cole definitely puts me at ease with his lyrics because he knows what people, like myself, are dealing with. This music is for us, the people that need motivation.

From Cole World: Sideline Story, Never Told gets me into a feeling/emotion I can't explain. All I know is after that song, I realize that I do have decisions on who I decide to be with and how I'm treated. In the past two relationships I've been cheated on and this song sort of let me in on how some think and treat their women. At the end of the day, we can't always dictate what a man will do, but at least we have some idea.

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