Premeditated Murder

"Like keep grindin' boy, your life can change in one year
And even when it's dark out, the sun is shining somewhere"

Such an amazing lyric, J. Cole is the reason I haven't given up on myself. When I'm having a bad day and i honestly just want to give up i listen to this song. Because even when its dark out the sun is shinning somewhere so i think of myself going towards the shine. He's one of the most inspirational artist in this f***ing game, not everyone can see it yet; but his true fans definitely can see his effort and see him trying to get his message across that he's gonna be on top. To me he's been up there. People just don't understand him cause he's not always talking about b****es and hoes. He's real, he speaks real things he's on a different level.

He's so mos def, so real, so everything I ever wanted to hear in an artist. He isn't just a "rapper" he's hiphop, R&B a true artist with so much love for the game. I've never listened to someones music and heard as much passion as J. Cole Gives off. His lyrics' are so artistic literally paints a picture in my mind, just like in his song "dreams" I visually paint a picture in my head of everything he says he will do. I don't just hear his music, i listen.

"Never say I’m better than Hov', but I’m the closest one"
I think he's better by far, and no Disrespect to Jay

Hopefully one day I get to meet the amazing J. Cole.

-Cole World.

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