Thanks for Inspiring me

J. Cole thanks for bringing back real lyrics. For speaking the truth and inspiring me. I cant begin to tell you all the times i've been feeling down and listening to you changes everything. Like you said "everything happens for a reason and people change like the seasons" Your the motivation that i need when no one else is around me. Your the man and it takes hard work to come to the spot where you are now. To me You are best rapper. Your flow kills any other rappers lyrics, you speak what others don't you struggled like the people that work hard to still hear from others saying they cant make it. I've always had dreams since a child and your the motivation i need. I just gotta thank god for what you have done and how you have changed my life. You inspire me every second of my life. I listen to you whenever i have a chance. And i do wanna do the same to my family take them out of that 9-5 and thats it care for them. Cole world

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