alot of people may say J. Cole's best song is so-and-so or so-in-so, but in reality, noone should ever choose just one song as their favorite, because I have yet to hear anything J. Cike has done that was wack.. But, I usually just pick a mixtape to listen to for a day or whatever, and that Water Break freestyle you did on that radio show was insane "GIVE PROPS TO THE LEGENDS, PRAISE GOD BUT I GIVE NOT TO THE REVERENDS, LOOKIN UP TO THE HEAVENS LIKE "WHERE DID ALL MY BLESSINGS GO?!" YOU CHASE YOUR DREAMS, BUT THEN YOU STOPPED, GUESS YOU'LL NEVER KNOW" that line was insane! I was like ahh sht, lol, but all your lyrics have a deeper meaning, and you said the Badness was your favorite. Would it be disrespectful to say my favorite verse off of any J. Cole song was Elite's hook on Heartache? lol, much love from down south

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