Top 3 Rappers

My vision and opinion on rappers are based on artists who are lyrical and at the same time make music that can be related to, whether that be from the struggles of the everyday world or the enjoyments of life that should be appreciated.

#1. Jay Z - Have always been a fan of jay-z since the mid 90's when i first was introduced to his lyrics and story. Being born in 1990 i started listen to rap in 1997. Due to my uncle who is 11 years older than me, who opened my eyes to the lyrical power behind music. Jay-z is a visionary who showed that no matter what your upbringing what matters is your belief in yourself.

#2 J.cole - Like jay-z , J.cole has a story to tell. his music is inspirational and truthful. Even growing up in the suburbs for most of my childhood i still was in the inner city for 8 years of my life. In the suburbs there still are problems, family issues much like j.coles i grew up without a father around. His lyrics and motivation truly inspire mme and help me through each and everyday. I truly respect him as an wrist and appreciate what he has helped me through in my life.

# 3 Drake - Many people hate on drake because they say he is soft. However he too talks about truthful experiences easy to relate to, his music is very soothing and even inspirational as well. Gives hope to people who struggle everyday through times where you feel alone in the world.

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