Even before Roc Nation

To Jay Z's, Roc Nation-
He has inspired many with his music. I can remember being is my junior high school English class and my teacher was assigning an interesting project. We had to write a paper, and give a presentation in front of the class, about a musician who has written amazing words that have been put into music.
Most of the kids wrote about the common people... Lil Wayne, Bob Marley, John Lennon, Rihanna ect. but i chose to present about someone who I discovered through a mix-tape. I presented last. I stood up in front of my class and asked one question at the beginning of my presentation. "Have any of you heard of J. Cole?' and everyone looked and shook their head no. I then continued, "well you will when I am done." I went on about how Jermaine Cole is from North Carolina and how he went to college in New York, but the end is where most were surprised. I announced how Jay Z signed J. Cole to Roc Nation recently and how he is about to become the next famous rapper.
I played a song for the class and although the older Beatles favoring teacher was horrified at the unedited words, many of the kids in my class wanted to hear another after Dollar and a Dream.
My point here is NOT that J. Cole is a good rapper because he became signed to Roc Nation My point is that Roc Nation is lucky to have found a rapper like J. Cole and were able to give him the fame he deserved when he said "Lights Please"

See you soon in Lowell, MA J. Cole. Going to buy my tickets real soon!


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