...It's hard for me to even put this into words right now. It's been a hell of a long time, nah scratch that, this is the FIRST time I've had a song relate to me on so many different levels. The raw emotion in your voice combined with the ill production of the track is dope enough. Add in the lyrics and the imagery...whoa.

Every single thing you said in that song is somethin I've personally been through and am going through right now. 2Face is the song I wake up to and the song I go to sleep to because of the inspiration it brings me. It's not easy pushin forward sometimes but every time I hear this track and how you've been through what you have it gives me back the resolve and the drive to keep going.

My favorite line - "Why the f*** am I here God? That nigga died, and why the f*** am I still alive? I feel ashamed cause the good lord dun brought all this success to me and all I seem to focus on is all the stress on me."

People are gonna kill me for doin this as early as I am but before you Pac was the only other rapper I felt emotions through the mic on a consistent level like that. I'm not sayin you're the new Pac just yet but you're definitely on your way, at least in my opinion...


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