A Real Moment for J. Cole

J. Cole,

Don't know if you'll ever get to read this or if this will be just some trash that haterz talk crap about somewhere else, but it's worth a try! So when you came to the Clubhouse out in the Valley of the Sun (Phoenix/Tempe, Az) man it was tight! You held it down and put on a great show. Your words really speak to me and give me confidence in getting through college to better my fam and myself. It's like you've lived most of the s*** I'm going through now and you give me hope to know that I can make it too.

After going to your show on Nov. 19th, I feel like I owe you a big apology. Towards the end of your show, a fight broke out to where you noticed and booed and had the crowd boo, and unfortunately I was in the center ring. I just wanted to take this time to let you know that I'm sorry and that it wasn't me that started it.

To some this may come off as gay, cheesy, lame or whatever, but since I feel like your so real in your music, that I would be real with you and let you know that it really made me feel bad when you booed me, cause I really do appreciate what you're doing and got mad respect for you. I just felt like I disrespected you and your show and want you to know that I apologize. Would be great to get a response, but if not, keep doing you!

Just A Real Fan,

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