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Stay behind like a shadow
Or you catapult
Not if I had a ladder or not even if I had a rope
I'd climb that motherf***er to the top and never let it go!

J.Cole is a reason why I write the way I do. He could be the reason I get signed some day. He's lyrical and I don't think he purposely writes to influence but it happens. I love his music because IT IS music. If "they" say hip hops dead he's here to help revive it. I'm a COLOSSAL fan and he doesn't need any fans because he's too hot to be cooled down. I'm a true sinner of idolatry because i look up to J.cole. It's one thing to hear with your ears but until you LISTEN with your soul to this talented man spit; Call yo self Hellen's kids -------> DEAF & BLIND to the truth: #Real talk no lies allowed Tongue


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Friday Night Lights (Mixtape) 08/19/2011

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